Many of us have been patiently (or not so patiently) awaiting the day things would start to return to normal. Businesses have started opening their doors again, people are getting vaccinated, and mask mandates are beginning to be lifted. However, while our favorite restaurants and coffee shops may be opening back up, the pandemic is still very much a reality.

Many companies are still allowing their employees to continue to work from the comfort of their own home. Now that there are many things once again demanding our time and attention, it’s important to set up the ideal home workspace, post-pandemic style.
1. Invest in your workspace. Now that we are a year and a half into working from home, it might be time to ditch the make-shift kitchen table/office desk and invest on creating a nice space to work. Find a space in your home that is quiet and cozy, set up a desk and chair, maybe add a candle and some desk decor, and watch your productivity skyrocket!
2. Get out of the house more often. Whether it’s setting up an outdoor work space on your patio or it’s being intentional to schedule more outings with friends after (or before) work hours, getting out of the house more will help you to be more productive when you are home. When your home becomes your office it can be harder to turn your work brain off, so getting out of the house more often can help you get a bit of a reset.
3. Clean your space. When you are home all the time-it can be easy to let the dishes pile up and the laundry go unfolded. Focusing on work proves to be difficult when things are a little too messy. Take some intentional time to tidy up your space before jumping into work for the day. That way you can focus better and you don’t have to apologize to your co-workers when on a zoom call!
4. Change the scenery. Now that things are opening back up, take this opportunity to work from coffee shops when you need a change of scenery. Avoid the monotonous day by changing minor things about your schedule, like adding lunch dates to your calendar or sitting in a coffee shop for part of the day while you work.

5. Get “ready” everyday. One of the pros of working from home is that you really can wear whatever you want. Comfort is key! But long-gone are the days of coasting by and barely brushing our teeth; we are in the big leagues now as we move into a more permanent WFH situation. Taking 15 minutes out of your morning to get ready and prepare for the day will make a massive difference in helping you feel ready for your work day. No worries though-sweatpants and loungewear are here to stay.

Hopefully these tips and tricks help you transition into a more permanent mindset when it comes to working from home. But remember, we are all in this together! The world is changing drastically so take it easy on yourself, you’re doing great!

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