New construction homes are becoming more popular again. But there are some misconceptions about new homes that prevent buyers from taking the plunge.

Here are five common myths and truths behind new construction:

  1. Financing new homes is hard.
    New construction homes can actually be easier to finance than an existing property. And while builders may offer incentives to your clients to use a recommended lender, referring them to me enables them to compare their offers.
  2. There’s no way to inspect a new home.
    Most homebuyers are invited to inspect a home while it’s being built after the initial framing and walls are complete. Local government will also inspect a property before occupancy is approved.
  3. New homes all look the same.
    There are usually plenty of opportunities for homebuyers to customize their new construction home. Existing homes are the ones sold “as is.”
  4. Pre-owned homes are better.
    Tougher building standards, improved codes, and more energy-efficient features mean that new homes keep getting better.
  5. New homes don’t need an agent.
    Wrong again. This may be true for experienced investors. But new homebuyers can benefit from having a real estate agent to help negotiate the deal.
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