We understand the complexity when people are getting divorced. Luminate is exceptional at finding solutions that most other mortgage lenders cannot. Here are some things that differentiate us:

  • Educate parties involved on credit an how joint accounts could affect them, even if it is addressed as a non-responsible party in the decree.
  • Collaboratively work to help both parties, if they plan to sell and buy or have one spouse refinance and other buy.
  • We are persistent and find solutions!
  • Do not have to count debt in qualifying if it is addressed in the filed divorce decree.
  • We will use the decree findings for qualifying purposes when it is filed, and do not have to wait for the county to record the decree.

Luminate provides an amazing, user friendly experience, so stress is reduced when obtaining a mortgage. 

We are here to help strategize the best solution for all parties. Contact me today to discuss your options!

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