As we enter the winter months and the end of the year, you’re probably going to start hearing about a slowdown in the housing market, more homes for sale, and even prices declining in some markets.

Do NOT be alarmed by this news!

The housing market always slows down around this time. Every single year, we see more demand and less inventory in the spring and summer months and a SMALL reversal during the fall and winter.

The chart below showing Total Home Sales and Median Home Sale Price from June 2013 – June 2021 illustrates that this ebb and flow always plays out with remarkable consistency.

Don’t let the negative headlines cause unnecessary fear! This seasonality in the market actually means the next few months could be a great time to buy a home if you are ready. Less competition means more opportunity to negotiate and get a better price or some seller concessions to help lower your mortgage payment.

If you’d like to discuss your options, we’re always here and happy to answer any questions.

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