Myth 1
You need 20% down to buy a home

Not only are there many low down payment options available, but they may even be a better choice, leaving you with a valuable cash cushion.

Myth 2
Down payment assistance is only for first-time homebuyers
4% of homeownership programs do not have a first-time homebuyer requirement and are available for eligible repeat homebuyers.

Myth 3
Down payment programs make home financing more difficult
Many housing agencies, program administrators, and participating lenders are willing to provide expert guidance and assistance. There are approximately 2,451 homeownership programs available and 83% currently have funds available to eligible homebuyers.

Myth 4
Houses in my market are too expensive
Down payment help is available in every market, including high cost areas. Incentives and programs are available for many community service workers, including educators, police officers, firefighters, and healthcare workers, as well as veterans.

Myth 5
Down payment programs aren’t available in my area
Down payment programs are available in every market across the country. 70% of programs are available at the city, county or neighborhood level. Nearly 30% of programs are available state-wide through state housing finance agencies.

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