As housing has become increasingly less affordable, purchasing a multifamily property to live in and renting out the other units is a great way to own a home without breaking the bank – and now, this strategy is a lot more affordable!

Starting November 18, we can help your clients purchase an owner-occupied, multifamily property (2-4 units) with as little as 5% down.

With this new program, your buyers will be able to save money on their home purchase and start building wealth in more ways than one:

  • Own multiple income-generating properties without having to save 15-25%.
  • Generate rental income to help cover their new mortgage payment.
  • Use projected rents as income to help qualify.
  • Start building equity right away.
  • Have some extra cash to tackle high-interest debt and save even more money every month.

This is a fantastic chance to help discouraged buyers purchase multiple income-generating properties AND make their new mortgage more affordable with only modest upfront costs.

If you’d like to learn more about this program or walk through some scenarios, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Ready to get started?  We’re here to help!

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