In an environment like today where mortgage rates are elevated and home prices are rising, your clients need to do all that they can to make their purchase more affordable. Most homebuyers think that the easiest way to do this is to find a less expensive home or try and negotiate a lower price when they submit an offer.

The reality is, buyers and sellers today are wasting a ton of money focusing on these price reductions when there is actually a much easier and more effective way to make their purchase more affordable – the 2/1 Rate Buydown.
Instead of asking the seller to lower the price of the home, we are seeing buyers win big by negotiating that some of the seller concessions go toward buying down the rate on their mortgage for the first couple of years.

This strategy has three main benefits:

#1: The buyer will save money right away on their monthly payment.
#2: It costs the same to the seller (usually, even less than a price reduction).
#3: When the opportunity comes to refinance, any remaining buydown funds can be applied to the refinance cost.

Our latest blog post discusses how this strategy can be used to help ease the financial burden of a mortgage payment today. It’s a clever trick that not many know about, and it can lead to huge savings for both buyers AND sellers.
Click the article link below to learn the basics of this financing strategy and to see a sample breakdown of just how much money can be saved by implementing it.

>> ARTICLE: How to Beat High Rates with a 2-1 Buydown

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of this strategy – or if you would like to see a specific example of how we can use it to help your buyers – please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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