As we get ready for the festivities, many of us are cozied up indoors, watching the snow piles grow. And just like the winter wonderland outside, loan limits are also on the rise!

With interest rates finally thawing, more of us are jumping into the market to snag a home before prices go up. Luminate is right there at the forefront, keeping a close eye on market shifts to offer you not just great rates, but also incredible flexibility to swiftly get you into your dream home.

Check out the much-anticipated 2024 Loan Limits:

  • Single-unit Property โ€“ $766,550
  • Two-unit Property โ€“ $981,500
  • Three-unit Property โ€“ $1,186,350
  • Four-unit Property โ€“ $1,474,400

Ready to put on your snow boots and take that first step towards your dream home?

Get pre-approved today with our hassle-free online application. Discover how much your purchasing power has grown, and together, let’s make those homeownership dreams a reality before the snow has a chance to melt away!

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