With the average prices of rent continuing to rise, do you find yourself asking questions like, “Is it time to buy a home?” or “Should I not renew my lease this year?” If so, let us help with the answer—yes!

If you’re ready to ditch rising rent prices for a mortgage, our Luminate Home Loans team is ready to help.

Why should you ditch the rent? Well…

  • Savings: With lower mortgages rates than average, you could actually be paying more monthly at a rental vs. paying a mortgage.
  • Equity: Owning a home means you can start building up equity to help pay off other debts or afford updates to your house down the road.
  • Flexibility: If you think homeownership means you’re “stuck” in one spot, think again! Moving is always a hassle, but homes are selling faster than ever, making it easy to move when you want to.
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